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13 Inch Kamado Grill Overview:
Do you want the best in charcoal grill cooking? The Famous Kamado BBQ grill will provide you with the very best quality in outdoor cooking. Kamado cookers are extremely versatile as they can be used not only for BBQ grilling but also pizzas, bread, pies and larger joints of meat which can be baked effortlessly inside them. This is due to the excellent heat retention properties and the very high temperatures that the Kamado grill achieves this can also be maintained by precise control of the airflow via the top and bottom vents, it is worth noting that this type of cooking uses much less charcoal can conventional BBQ’s.
The high temperatures are ideal for cooking burgers and sausages whilst at lower heats this will allow you to cook larger joints slowly over a few hours. By adding wood chips to the charcoal, you can provide an amazing flavour to your meats.
The Famous Kamado is a BBQ, a grill, a smoker, and an oven, all rolled in to one.
Kamado’s way of cooking has been around for thousands of years and their unique shape and the use of top-quality ceramic insulating, produce the ultimate heat retention and the circulation of perfect uniform heat. The Famous Kamado BBQ’s design allows the cooking process to create simply amazingly juicy food to culinary perfection with the minimal use of fuel.

When looking for an Outdoor BBQ a consideration must be that of a Kamado BBQ or known as a Kamado Grill. This could be the best Outdoor Kitchen appliance you will probably ever buy. Times are changing and the very popular Kamado Egg shaped BBQ are life changing. At Famous Kamado we offer value for money so please compare our prices compared to the likes of the popular makes Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg.

The Kamado Ceramic BBQ is like a large Ceramic Egg shape and has been used in Japanese cooking for thousands of years. Kamado Grill cooking keeps hold of all the flavours and is extremely versatile with adjustable vents and temperature gauge it is no doubt the best outdoor BBQ Grill. Enabling you to have your typical everyday BBQ food and also to slow cook meats and try out different ways to cook and it can also be used as a Kamado smoker.

After Covid people have made more use of the Garden or patio space they have and outdoor cooking in an outdoor kitchen is the future! Why not invest in a Kamado Ceramic Grill, at Famous Garden UK we have the best Kamado in terms of quality for value for money. We pride ourselves in the design and the product which will last you many years, rather than the traditional BBQ that needs replacing when the wheels get rusty and fall off!!  The design of the Kamado Ceramic Egg Grill shape is a unique way of cooking and so easy to do. For the best Kamado Ceramic Grill to suit your needs check out our different sizes to suit you and your family. We  stock the full range of Kamado Grill Accessories

Check out our Kamado recipe page.


13 Inch Kamado Grill Specification:
13”  diameter cooking grill, caters for a fantastic table top BBQ experience, ideal for 2- 3 persons, great for camping, motor home holidays, and small patio’s, also great when you don’t want to light a large BBQ to feed a couple of people.
Stainless steel grill features a convenient hinged section that allows for easy replacement of fuel and smoking chips without removing your food
Can heat up to 450°C and lower if desired to your ideal cooking temperature
The high quality Ceramic Shell with our unique glazed exterior finish will give longevity, with the ultimate temperature retention and with the Famous Kamado you will find it makes cleaning a simple task

The 13 inch Famous Kamado has fully adjustable top and bottom dampers to give you precise temperature control
With our built-in thermometer, and a large bezel that will give you easy accurate temperature vision
With our extra “heavy duty” spring loaded hinge makes the operation of opening and closing the lid nice and easy
Fireproof felt seals that will give total insulation and longevity
The Famous Kamado Grill comes standard with:
Stainless Steel Stand

This tabletop BBQ also comes with a stainless steel grill, and stainless stand which fits easily on any table top, the 13 inch Famous  Kamado Grill comes complete with temperature gauge and a ceramic shell which gives heat retention Kamado style to make every BBQ outing a culinary success.

Our 13 Inch Kamado Grills come with a full user manual which includes cooking temperature guide and setup instructions as well maintenance and preparation instructions.

  • Top Vent: Cast Iron
  • Side Table/Handle: Bamboo
  • Band/Spring/Stand: Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Grid: Porcelain Enamel Steel
  • Fire Ring / Fire Box: Mullite (resistant to 1000 degrees)
  • Grill Dome/Grill Base: Mullite (resistant to 1000 degrees)
  • Main body diameter: 32cm/12.6″
  • Dia of cooking grid: 27.2cm
  • Main Body Diameter 32cm
  • Operation Height: 250mm
  • Nett Weight: 24kg
  • 12 months warranty
  • This product is manufactured to the highest quality please be aware of cheaper imitations.
Weight20 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
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