Introducing Our Cantilever Parasols

Expand the possibilities of your outdoor space with cantilever parasols that remove the centre pole from the equation.

As one of the UK’s Leading suppliers of Cantilever Parasols – we ensure we only use the highest marine-grade anodised aluminium poles and the finest UV & water-resistant parasol Canvas available.

Whilst set up to be sturdy, robust and resistant to the elements. Our luxury umbrellas have a contemporary look and feel, offering 360° rotation to keep you sheltered throughout the day.

We offer Two Pole based designs and a completely Wall-mounted parasol option. The Aurora and The Eclipse. Both have a discreet side post that elevates the umbrella over the space below, with a variety of stylish colours to choose from.

For inquiries, please contact us at or call us now on 0161 529 1002 if you require any advice.