The 13″ Famous Kamado Grill

Ideal for portable use, our 13″ grill will serve all your grilling needs…

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The 21.5″ Famous Kamado Grill + cover

The 21.5″ Famous Kamado Grill is a large portable grill that gives you more room to cook than the smaller 13″ model…

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The 23.5″ Famous Kamado Grill

The largest in our range is the 23″ grill which has more room for cooking…

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The Famous Kamado

The kamado was invented in China, spread to Korea, and eventually made its way to Japan. The name kamado is the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range”. It means a “place for the cauldron”.

A kamado grill is a type of charcoal grill that is designed to cook food using indirect heat and smoke. It is made of thick ceramic walls, which help to retain heat and moisture, and has a vent at the top and bottom to control airflow and temperature.

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Kamado Grill Recipes

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Discover some of the exiting dishes we recommend trying with your new grill today.

Kamado Grill Recipes